Welcome to the TeamSnap Sports Photography Learning Zone!

Are your “action shots” mostly blurry photos of where your athlete was standing three seconds ago? Discover ways to improve your action photography skills at the beginner or advanced level – equipment, shooting technique, lighting, framing and more. Your team may not be pro level, but your photos can be!
  • Advanced Tips

    Articles: (2)

    Learning greater control over your camera settings for better sports photos

  • Beginners Platform

    Articles: (6)

    Ground zero for anyone with an interest in sports photography

  • Editing and Correcting

    Articles: (2)

    Tips for editing and improving your photos on your computer

  • Specific Sports

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    Pointers for how to photograph specific sporting events

  • Tips from a Pro

    Articles: (3)

    How to gain a photographic advantage through preparation and foresight

  • Your Camera

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    Camera settings and basic photo principals for sports photography